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Is there any-one Cameron will not jump into bed with to get his own way? Clearly, we, as the voters, did not vote Cameron ‘in’ — we voted Labour out — and as usual, the Lib Dems were an also-ran. So, what does Cameron do, he jumps into bed with people he wouldn’t normally pass the time of day with…And why? To get power. Power to do what ‘he’ wants to do.

His latest debacle, same sex marriage, has all but split his own party, but, in true Cameron style, he has not been daunted, no, he has hopped into bed with Labour, just to make sure he could get enough votes to pass his exaltation of homosexuality bill. We’ll have to bow to them before long!

This, in my mind, disbars him from being Prime Minister, clearly he is a quisling, willing to shack up with any-one who will help him achieve his illogical aims.

The Conservative party need to do something about this now, or face annihilation at the next general elections.