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Fifteen years ago Skoda cars were a joke. Cheap imported junk. I know, my dad had one when I was a teenager; terrible thing to drive. Give it a bit of wet and you could skate like Torvil and Dean! As for brakes, opening the door and putting your foot out really helped.

Remember these…

“How do you double the price of a Skoda? Fill the petrol tank!”

“What do you call a Skoda with a sun roof? A skip!”

They are not funny now, cos Skoda cars have improved massively, though I still wouldn’t have one myself…

Here’s another miraculous turn around. Forty years ago, or so, homosexuality was a criminal offence. Your ordinary everyday folk despised them and what they did. I’m not talking religious nuts here but every Joe in the street, common decent folk that we, as a nation, used to be.

Not any more, the perve lobby has been working long and hard to change the image of homosexuality, and they’ve done it. They make the Skoda turn around look like a miserable flop. They have been so successful that homosexuality is now all but compulsory. In some instances it actually is!

Want to adopt a kid, acceptance of this brand of perversion is now a must.

Want to be a registrar and conduct weddings? Acceptance of homosexuality is now a must.

Want to be a marriage guidance counsellor? Acceptance of homosexuality is now a must.

Want to be a teacher and not pass this filth on to innocent kids? Just try it!

You have to applaud the tenacity of the gay lobby, but there is a vast difference between the Skoda transformation, and the forced acceptance of perversion…They changed the cars for the better!