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There is no doubt that some areas of science are in fact a religion…Evolution most certainly is, yet it is taught as science, when, in fact, there is very little real science involved in the theory.

I don’t know about you, but I get really tired of listening to scientists preaching their beliefs, all based on multiple layers of unproven theory. At least I have my Bible to preach from.

Now that’s an idea, why don’t scientist get their own bible…They could easily write one, then they could all use it to preach from.

Neat idea, but it has a flaw: you see, they would have to re write it every couple of years or so, cos the theories they preach keep changing. You could say, the theory of evolution is evolving! It is certainly changing over time, as do most scientific theories.

Not so my Bible…Hasn’t changed in over 5,000 years. Doesn’t need to, cos it’s not based on man-made theories, it’s an eye-witness account of everything science is so desperately trying to find out.

So, a well made Bible lasts me decades, and the science bible has to be replaced every year or so. Not only does that make the Bible cheaper, but just think how many trees it saves. Seems the Bible is not just good for saving human souls, but the environment as well.

PS. The Bible has never been proved wrong, and evolution has never been proved right.