Compared to the ‘modern’ generation, I’m a technological dinosaur. O, I have computers and use them to earn my living, but smart phones…What!

I used to be able to boast that I didn’t have a mobile phone, but a friend bought me one for my birthday, so that went out of the window. I did manage to use it a few times…Even sent a couple of texts, but Orange were never going to make any money out of me, perhaps that’s why they stole it!

You see, it was a pay as you go. It had £10 on it when I received it. Three years later, it still had a little over £7 credit on it. I’m just not a phone user, my land line bill is usually just the line rental.

Well, I looked yesterday and guess what, my credit is down to 13p. How can that be, I haven’t used the damn thing, well, not for two weeks when I sent a text.

Research has revealed that if you don’t use your ‘PAYG’ phone for six months or so, they just take your credit off you. Just like that! And they get away with it…A kind of legalised theft.

Be warned, if you are not a frequent phone user, don’t let them rip you off too, don’t give them the satisfaction of taking your money off you, as they did me.

Vote with your wallet and stick up the appropriate number of fingers.