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I recently had cause to buy a new electric kettle. Found a ‘designer’ one for a reasonable price and bought it. On getting my shiny new designer kettle home, I plugged it in and gave it a try. Worked perfectly the fist few times, but then began to turn itself off. I soon discovered that tilting it back slightly would keep it turned on. Gradually, it took more and more tilt just to keep the stupid thing on. If you are asking, “Why didn’t he take it back?” I bought it from a shop that was closing down. My designer kettle lasted just long enough to out last the shop!

I eventually gave up on the designer kettle and went and bought a really cheap one. Got that one home and it boiled once…Once, then nothing! Took it back and got a replacement. That one works and I’m still using it. Problem is, when you pour water from it, it tends to go everywhere. Seems to be impossible to make a cup of coffee without having to wipe up little puddles of boiling water.

I’m convinced that they use monkeys to design stuff, well, it’s so badly designed, it couldn’t be done by humans…Could it?