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We all know, or have heard of the ‘big’ God, but He is also the God of the small things. Nothing is too big for him to do, and that fact has, perhaps, blinded us to the loving Father Who cares for us in all the facets of our lives. I’d like to illustrate this with a personal testimony. Read and be blessed.


The dressing gown.

I need to start  with some background. When this happened, I was on the team of a Bible college down in Horsham. At that time, one of the members of the church worked at C & A: a department store, much like M & S today. C & A had a policy that caused them to give out ‘C & A boxes’ to charities. These boxes contained end of line items, unsold stuff…clothing etc. The Bible college I was at was a registered charity so we got one of these boxes about 4 times a year. Back to the story.

I guess it was winter and cold, so I had a hankering after a thick dressing gown. To this end, I went into the local town to buy one. I ended up in C & A by chance, and guess what, they had the perfect dressing gown:  really thick towelling in bright colours. I took it from the shelf and tried it for size…Perfect.

“I’ll take it,” I said, to the lady, hovering close by. She took it and began folding it up.

“I’m sorry sir, the belt seems to be missing.” I must have looked all pathetic, cos she followed that up with, “We’ll knock £5 off the price for you.”

“Thank you very much.” I said, already having thought of a solution to the missing belt…A piece of string!

The dressing gown was just what I needed: warm, cosy…Get the picture… The string turned out to be the belt off a really thin dressing gown that I’d had for some time. It didn’t match…Not even close! Anyway, some months later, we had a C & A box come in. As usual, there was a rush! The leaders usually had first pickings, then the team members (that was me) then the students had what was left…Did I say it was a Bible college…O dear, sorry Lord. I digress. Having ferreted about in the box and just about to give up, I pulled the exact belt for my dressing gown out of the bottom of the box. I hadn’t been looking for it, to be honest, I’d forgotten all about it, but there it was, in my hand and perfect. C & A sent boxes all over the place, but God saw to it that my belt came to me. See, God is interested in the small things as well as the big.

I hope this true testimony has blessed you. Look for God in the small things. He is there.