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I’ve had the misfortune to be with this shower for some time…But not any longer, praise The Lord!

Let me share the most recent letter from them….

“Dear Mr. Owen.

Notification of legal action

We’ve tried to contact you a number of times (two emails actually) to remind you that you have an outstanding energy bill of £196.51.

This bill is now so overdue (less than two weeks to be precise) that we have no choice but to commence legal action.”

Here’s the fun stuff….

“If you fail to make this payment, we will be visiting your (not maine actually) property on or after the 8 February 2013 to collect payment in full or, where possible to fit a payment meter. If we are unable to gain entry to your (not mine) property at that time, we will seek a warrant from the court pursuant to the rights of rip off…er sorry entry, ((Gas and Electricity Boards Act 1954) nearly as old as I am!) to enter your (not mine) premises without your consent (over my dead baseball bat!) to either disconnect your energy supply or install said meter.

All additional costs associated with these activities will be passed on to you, and you should be aware that such legal action could impact on your personal credit rating…”

Not half as much as said baseball bat would impact….You get the message.

Yes, I am behind a bit, but not yet two full weeks. Do yourself a favour, avoid these scum bags like the plague. I’m sure you’ll get a much better class of red-letter from another supplier.