I have just been informed that John Pac, head of Kingsway has died. He was battling cancer.

John and I go back a long way, into my middle twenties. I remember he came to the tiny studio were I was working, based under a department store in Worcester. He just needed some editing doing, which I did, and we became friends immediately. That friendship lasted all through John’s time at Pilgrim records, during which we made over 30 Christian albums together. Later, he signed Carol and I up to Kingsway as writers and to make our, “You Alone Are God,” album. He gave us wise counsel before we signed, and made a real difference to us and our ministry at that time.

As a mark of the man and testimony to him, and Sue, who was also a producer at that time, I’ll tell this story. I was not walking with the Lord at that time, but was seriously backslidden.  I was married to my first wife, Gale, and had two daughters, Michelle and Claire. We were planing on going on holiday, driving down to Cornwall, but the car had broken down. I must have mentioned it, and at the end of one session, John came and handed me a cheque for £70…More than a week’s wages in those days, and said, “We just want to do this.” I was stunned, that sort of thing just didn’t happen…

“John, I know you prayed for me, and I know that you played a big part in my salvation. My thanks, my friend. See you in glory.”