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It’s on the increase…The recent cases in the press where four Christians took their cases to the European Court of Human rights are significant. One lady actually won her case, so she can now wear a tiny cross on a chain around her neck. Probably to the chagrin of the Islamaphobes who are so scared of Islam that they will cost us all millions to try to stop one lady from wearing a tiny cross on a chain.

The other three all lost their cases, and I’m not surprised in the least, because these cases involved Christians taking a stand against the homosexual lobby. Let’s face it, no-one, but no-one can win against this now deified elite. As in all things that Satan does, he has reversed the truth…I have written in an earlier post about the true homophobes, but it’s worth reiterating here. The true homophobes are the ones who are so terrified of the homosexuals that they make laws to protect them. They issue guide-lines to councils that are so unclear that the councils dare not take any chances. The upshot of this is that any-one who takes a stand against the foul intrusion of homosexuality into society is instantly censured, sacked or demoted.

Homosexuals have been very successful at making themselves out to be a special case. They simple truth is, they are not a special case, they are sinners, just like any other sinners. Treating them like an endangered species is ludicrous, and shows just how out of touch our government is with the will of the good people of this nation; and how far we have fallen in the last 30 years or so.

The recent public demonstrations in Paris should be a wake-up call to all homosexuals, the people will not long tolerate this pervert pushing. One day, homosexuals really will be an endangered species, and it won’t be God or Christians that they will have to fear, it will be the every-day people who will rise up against them. At that time, homosexuals will find out just what good friends Christians can be.