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Don Cameronii is at it again. In a recent statement he said…”We are moving in the right direction.” Personally, I challenge his sense of direction. He probably thinks we are moving forward, but in truth, we are moving downward.

Deeper into the depths of depravity, government sanctioned and enshrined in the most unequal equality law ever devised, with even more abomination on the books!

Deeper into debt and poverty for those of us who aren’t millionaires: mainly thanks to the twit we have as chancellor! Challenge….Has anyone ever seen a photo of said twit where he didn’t look like, well, a twit?

So, it’s into the New Year with the threat of same-sex marriage hanging over us, and the government lying through its teeth about the nation’s response to it. Did you know that in one of the South American countries that has adopted this abomination, the pervs are now campaigning for 3 up marriages? Well, if you are going to break the age-old tradition of marriage and allow 2 men to marry, why not 3? I wonder how long it will be before some demented woman wants to marry her dog? We break these foundations of our society at our peril.

If, like me, you are a Christian, pray about all this. It’s important.

“Even so, come Lord Jesus…Come.”