Some may think that being in an airplane is a dangerous place to be. Others, on our busy roads. How about living at the foot of an active volcano, that’s pretty dangerous!

You may have your own thoughts on which is the most dangerous place to be, it would be good to hear them, but I’ll wager none of you come up with this oneā€¦IN THE WOMB!

Yes, here in little old United Kingdom, we butchered over 190,000 unborn human beings last year. Most, I would imagine, paid for by the NHS.

The recent tragic events in Wales involving a precious young girl have stirred the nation. But who gives a damn about the 190,000 other precious little ones who have been murdered; sentenced to death without trial. Ripped apart mercilessly and pulled, in bits, from the (I use the world lightly) ‘MOTHER’S’ womb.

Shame on us all as a nation. Shame on those who laughingly govern us, and above all, shame on those ‘so called’ mothers who kill their babies. You disgust me!