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Ok, so last Saturday I went into my kitchen and found the cupboard was bare! Freezer…Empty.

This caused me to head for the local ‘Value’ shop, where they sell all those things you seem to need in an emergency. Actually, it’s not a bad shop: the staff are always friendly and smiling…You don’t get a lot of that in the super markets these days.

So, a ready meal was called for. Like you, I try to avoid them, but it’s hard when you are strapped for cash and there’s a beef dinner with spuds, veg and a Yorkshire pud for £1.49! I ate it and, to be honest, it was sort of OK. The gravy was rather good. The beef was sliced so thin that you could see through it, but it tasted OK.

This is the gripe…The picture on the box looked amazing, but the cooked product didn’t look anything like that picture, and you can’t blame my cooking when it’s 12 minutes in a micro wave!

So, why are they allowed to get away with giving out false information. Either they should make the product look like the picture, or the picture look like the product, which would put them out of business…

We do have government bodies set up to monitor this sort of thing, so what do they do all day? And, as they are totally useless, shouldn’t we get rid of them and save the money? Might keep a few more library’s open!