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Haven’t blogged on this for a while, but a few recent spoutings from the scientific community inspired me to revisit it. Yes, you guessed it, global warming is at it again, or so the scientrifid community would have us believe. I use trifid because, like global warming, it is pure fantasy. It beats me how they have the face to bang on about something that clearly isn’t happening. “Hey guys…Go look at a thermometer…it isn’t happening!”

Anyway, I had this idea, and it kinda stuck so I’m sharing it with you all in the hopes that it will actually be taken up by the parties mentioned…I’m not holding my breath you understand.

It’s about co2 isn’t it, and man-made co2 in particular. Well, I’m no scientist, praise the Lord, but even I know that we humans expel co2 when we breathe out. So, this is the plan…We gather all the scientists who espouse global warming, and we get them all to SHUT UP, thus saving huge amounts of greenhouse gas escaping from their deluded mouths into the atmosphere. As a bonus, we could get all the politicians to SHUT UP too. Now think how much hot air that would save!

I bet they don’t need heating in the houses of parliament. Nooooooo, all that hot air and waffle that comes out of their mouths should be enough to heat the planet…Oops, then we would have global warming. Well, at least they could then legislate against themselves. Imagine the tax revenues from political hot air…

Drat…I just woke up! Well, there goes another dream.