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Yet another year has passed by at breakneck speed, is it just me or is time speeding up! I guess this year has been much like the last few, with one stupendous exception — my dad died. Yes, dear dad went to be with the Lord he loved all his life on March 27 aged 99 and a bit. He was born in 1911, died 2011, that’s some innings. Titanic went down in 1912 but dad swore he was nowhere near it…

Dad had that kind of sense of humour, a natural comic/clown, he was a great dad in every sense of the word, we Owen kids had a great childhood…thanks dad. Mum was great too, but in a different way, I miss her still, but take heart in the fact that one day, we’ll all meet up again in a place called heaven. O, what a day that will be! Wrote a song with that title earlier this year. 

Fond memories will remain of 2011, not sadness. That’s the joy of being a Christian, how sad that so many cut themselves off from God. All I can say to them is, don’t be a dope all your life, get born again and start living.

As for me, I’m carrying on. God hasn’t finished with me yet, I’m a work in progress! I intend to keep going for God and see what He does. I’ve had some pretty amazing adventures with Him so far and it can only get better. That’s one of the really great things about God, He’s never stumped for an idea! The true Christian life never gets boring.

I’ve started writing again and am currently working on my 11th book, a second book of short stories. I often wonder where they come from, I guess I have a lot of my dad in me. Reminds me, I must get some more Jacko stories written.

I made a couple of good albums in 2011, and am looking forward to making several more in 2012. I do enjoy that challenge, and always seem to be able to rise to it. I still get amazed at some of the stuff that comes out of me when I’m making albums. To God be the glory.

So, farewell 63 and hello 64, whatever have you in store for me?