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I watched a program on iPlayer about social networking. It was a rant against Facebook mainly, but a couple of other networking sites were also mentioned. It was shocking to see what was going on: cyber bullying, hateful commenting…Really horrible stuff.

The main push of the program was, what is Facebook doing about it? You must understand that I’m not on Facebook, and am not here to defend it, but I see no point in vilifying them for stuff they are not doing. They simply provide a platform for people to use as they will. (Let’s not go into the revenue side for now.)

Facebook is not responsible for what their users write, though they could probably clean it up a bit quicker…No, this is the point, it’s the users who are to blame for this. Out there, there are people (I use the term lightly) who seem to take great delight in trying to destroy other people’s lives. I believe some of them are called Trolls, what an apt name. Bullies are well represented too. Whatever makes someone do this stuff?

The thing is, it’s not the social media that’s at fault. Every form of communication has been perverted: hate mail (with a stamp on the envelope) indecent/threatening phone calls, radio, (remember Lord Haw Haw?). TV is full of stuff designed to instil fear and promote all kinds of undesirable things. The internet is just the latest incarnation. Wherever there are people you’ll get this junk.

And that’s the rub, ‘we’ never seem to blame people, only the systems. We seem to be afraid to own up that it’s people who are doing this. We want the government or the service providers to ‘do’ something about it…To put a stop to it! Problem is, they can’t. No amount of legislation will do it. No clever software will do it, the Trolls will simply find a way around it.

There is only one way to deal with it…Change the people themselves. Gasps of horror. Yes, taking a gun off a killer won’t stop him killing, he’ll use a stick. Take the stick off him and he’ll use his hands. Tackling the externals will NEVER do it!

What is needed is for people to change for the better from the inside, and there is only one way to do that, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He, is the only One Who can change people for the better, and do it without taking away their personal liberty.

That’s why we, as a nation are doing everything possible to stop the Christian faith being preached. We’ve passed laws that make it illegal to preach the Bible on the streets. We’ve banned Christian radio and TV stations from the main airwaves. We’ve made it easy for anyone who hates Christians to silence them. We are slowly banning all public displays of the Christian faith. Try wearing a cross at work! Prayer is being banned. We are not allowed to advertise that God heals…The list goes on.

But it’s only the Christians we want to ban…No-one, and I mean NO-ONE is trying to ban Islam, or Hinduism, or Sikhism, or any other religion, only Christianity…Why? Because Christianity is the only religion that works! It’s the only religion that will change society for the better. I can only assume that there are those out there who want society to continue to sink into the mire: subversives, secularists, humanists, atheists…They are out there and they are fighting hard to bring society down.

You pays your money and you takes your choice. What do we want, a better society? Then the choice is clear, remove every hindrance to the Christian gospel, and let Jesus do His stuff.