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There are three staples of the Christian faith that are constantly attacked. Here’s my take on why.

The the virgin birth.

First we must understand that God is just, He’s fastidious about it. He will NOT tolerate sin.

All humans are born tainted by sin, there is no escape from that fact, here’s why. Way back in the garden on Eden, Adam and Eve were perfect, God created them that way; but Eve and Adam sinned, they did it by choice. That’s when sin and corruption entered into the equation. The nature of the sin was two-fold: first, they disobeyed God’s command not to eat the fruit, and second, the fruit they ate was supernatural. In some way, it changed human kind bringing in corruption, and we all know that corruption leads to death.

Look at it this way, Adam and Eve were the first, Eve is called, the mother of all living; they are the template for all the rest of human kind. Every other human being ever born, in the natural way, is a copy of that template. The template is corrupt, so the copies are corrupt. No parent ever had to teach their offspring to lie, it just appears in them all by itself…It’s sin, and it’s there in everyone.

As stated, God will not tolerate sin, so there had to be a way to deal with it, someone had to pay the price for it, but who? A sinner cannot atone for sin, and there was no-one around who was sinless because all are born with sin built-in. God had to break the cycle, and the only way was to have a human who was not born with sin built-in; a human, who was not a copy of the template. How? Take mom and dad out of the equation, an unnatural birth. I prefer to call it, a supernatural birth.

So, God implants a fertilised embryo in Mary’s womb, and she carries it to term and gives birth to Jesus, a human born without inbuilt sin, a human who was not a copy of the template. A human capable of paying the price for sin, and the price? Death!

 The Crucifixion.

Why only Jesus could do it.

As stated, only a sinless man could atone for sin, it had to be, the sinless for the sinful, there was no other way. So, Jesus was sacrificed on our behalf to pay the price for sin, the price we owed and He didn’t! It had to be a sacrifice that was acceptable to God, and Jesus was the only One Who was acceptable. He was killed on our behalf, they nailed Him to a cross and He hung there until He died.

The Resurrection.

This is a vital part of the Christian faith, here’s why.

We know that Jesus was born sinless, but how do we know that He didn’t commit a sin during His thirty-three years of life? Let’s face it, secret sin is nothing new, humans have been carrying it since the year dot! Suppose Jesus had a secret sin, how would we know? The answer is simple: He would have remained in the tomb. God would not have accepted a blemished sacrifice, He never did in the Old Testament, and He didn’t in Jesus’ day. One sin, just one, would have negated the validity of Christ’s sacrifice, and he would have rotted in the grave like every other sinner. Man, he managed to live for thirty-three years without committing a single sin! He did it for us, He came here specifically to do it for us. He came here knowing He had to die in our place…And we moan that life isn’t fair!

So, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is proof positive that God had accepted His sacrifice. If you like, proof positive that it had worked. Proof positive that Jesus didn’t sin even once. What a Saviour!

To sum up…

  • The attack on original sin is an attack on the need for a Saviour. Without original sin, Jesus need not have come.
  • The attack on the crucifixion is an attack on the need to deal with sin. Without the need to deal with sin, Jesus need not have died.
  • The attack on the resurrection is an attack of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Without righteousness, Jesus would have stayed in the tomb.

You know, the Christian gospel is easy: we couldn’t do it for ourselves, so God sent His own Son to do it for us…How neat is that.

  • You don’t have to bang on lots of doors like the JWs and the Mormons do to get into heaven, that’s salvation by works.
  • You don’t have to belong to a specific church, cult, or system to get into heaven, that’s occultic deception.
  • You don’t have to kill people to get into heaven, that’s plain demonic.

Nope, all you have to do is believe…For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son, so that all who believe in Him may not perish but have everlasting life.

It’s a no brainer!

We are saved by God’s grace, through faith.