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There was a recent whohar about a church group who were on the streets offering to pray for people to be healed. They had advertising materials with them. Seems that a young lady objected to this advertising that God heals and complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, (or some such) you know, the folks who are supposed to regulate advertisers and make damn sure that nothing goes out that isn’t the truth. I put that bit in myself. Anyway, the result was that the church group was told that they cannot advertise that God heals as it breaks the rules on advertising.

Fair enough you might say, but they allow Lynx to advertise on TV saying…”Spray more, get more!” The obvious inference being, backed up by ludicrous visuals of young voluptuous women chasing after men to tear their clothes off, that if you use the stuff you’ll get more sex. Well, this is patiently a lie, it is also an insult to the intelligence of young women, and a blatant attempt to lower the moral standards of society just to sell a product. Is there any truth in it…No. Then why does the Advertising Standards Authority allow the adds to run?

If you were to ask all the women in the UK, how many times have you chased a man just because he was wearing Lynx? The answer would be none, guaranteed. If you were to ask all the men in the UK, has wearing Linx gotten you more sex, the answer would almost certainly be no! If you were to ask every person in the UK, have you been healed by God, you would get tens of thousands of yeses. If you were to ask those who answered yes, has your healing been medically confirmed, you would get thousands of yeses.

Seems, the Advertising Standards Authority are applying double standards, and as usual, it’s the Christians who get the raw end of the deal.

ASA, you are a joke, and not fit for purpose.