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Way back in 1990, I went to Bible college. As you might expect, we had various classes, and one of them was drama. Well, I’m not into drama, never have been. I did one line in a street drama once and managed to muff that! Problem is, I’ve never been extrovert: I don’t dance, when I preach, I don’t shout etc. Fortunately, they gave an alternative for those like me (and the rest of the boys!) who weren’t into it.

I remember the day we were sent out of the college building to see what the Lord would say to us. We had to bring back something from the walk that God had used, I brought back a dark rock. When asked to tell what it was all about, I said I hated that rock because it was dark and cold, like death…(How’s that for dramatic!). After, a little poem came, I’ve shared it below.

I went for a walk on God’s green Earth, but found to my dismay,
That all was dead or dying, I was surrounded by decay.

That which had been, it was no more, For death had taken hold.
Where once was warmth and life, now was dead and cold.

I wondered why this was, that death should rule the Earth?
But then the Lord He spoke to me, “From death I bring new birth.”

It’s not going to win any prizes, but I did hear God speak, and that, is priceless.