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Here’s another poem from way back, it speaks for itself.

Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, it’s strange to see how we have grown.
There’s one in heaven and two in pain, then there’s me, I’m born again.
Brother’s two where will you go, Up above, or down below?

The choice is clear, the way you know, O which way my brothers will you go?
The truth alone can set you free, it will do for you what it’s done for me.

Saving grace by faith is found, It’s time to turn your lives around.
All you need is already yours, you have the key that will open the doors.

If you will let go of the anger and pain, you’ll find there’s peace in Jesus’ name.
The joy He brings is better than gold, enjoy Him now before you’re too old.

Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, the seed is planted, the seed was sown.
The soil was good, but the water scarce, the pride in your hearts has become a curse.