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It seems that the police are now trying to prevent crime! Shame it’s not shoplifting, or rape! Nope it’s causing offence to ‘someone’. Just who the ‘someone’ is, they never say, but hey, they are the police, so we lesser mortals can go fish…Right?

Police in Lancashire have marched into a Christian cafe and banned the owner from displaying Bible verses on a flat screen in his cafe. They claim it is against the law…Crap! They claim it may cause offence though they don’t say who they so-called offended party might be.

1. Atheists: do we now have Athephobia? If so, why are they not banning expressions of Islam? They wouldn’t dare!

2. Humanisits: are we talking about Humaphobia? The humanisits are against any expression of religion, believing only in themselves. Some track record there to admire!

3. Islam: we are already branded Islamaphobes, but the truth is, Islam holds Jesus Christ in very high esteem. A special place has been reserved for him by their Prophet.

Makes you wonder what ‘party’ these coppers belong to: atheists, humanisit, homosexuals or Islam. If the police would be as diligent about real crime as they are becoming about this phobia gone mad nonsense, they might actually be worth the money they cost us!