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Yes, the Americans have hunting season, when those gung-ho yanks get their guns out and go shoot things! (Praise God I live in England!) We don’t have such barbaric things here, no, we have party conference season…

It’s a time for the deluded and the deceivers to get together and ‘say’ things, none of which have any basis in truth or reality. It’s a time for peacocks to strut their stuff in front of the TV cameras and spout lots of hot air that no-one in their right mind would believe.

It’s a time for broken promises to be made, and lies told about future intentions that NEVER come to pass. A time for laying down plans in readiness for the U-turn to come. What a waste of time and money these fiascos are. I don’t know about you, but I’m not amused by it.

I wonder if we will ever have a ‘good’ government? Judging by what we see and hear during conference season, I seriously doubt it!