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Great film, well acted and stuff…

The thing is, UK, we have a problem! Actually, we have several, but they all stem from the one root cause. We are in serious need of good government. It’s true…For the last however many decades, we have been governed by people of low moral character. They have fiddled expenses, committed adultery, passed laws that actually attack our own national religion.

They have promoted perversion, well, one form of it. One party has embraced a maker of porn films and celebrated their liberality! They have all bowed to the bankers and continue to allow the financial institutions to rip us off at every turn. They allow the oil companies to make obscene profits whilst ripping us off at the pumps. They ignore the gas and electric companies ripping us off. They display no caring for the British people.

They consistently lie to us.

They consistently break their promises to us.

They demonstrate clearly that they care only about money.

They are doing everything possible to offload their responsibilities (like the NHS to German industry).

They are doing everything they can to get out of paying for services the people require.

Yes, UK, we have a problem. It’s lousy government!