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Somewhere around 1885 there was what was called, The Big Stink. All the sewage being emptied into the Thames was causing a smell that became so bad, the government actually got off the rear end and did something about it. Vent systems and generally cleaning up the river eventually got rid of the stink. Problem solved.

Well, here we are in 2011 and the stink is back! Yes, you can smell it from all over the country, a stench of decay, immorality, perversion and corruption…Just to name a few. The problem is that this time the sewage is inside Westminster, not the Thames. What we need is for someone to pull that great chain in the sky and flush the lot of them into the sewer where they belong. Fat chance I know, but I can dream.

There was a time when this country stood for integrity and common decency…No longer. We have been betrayed by The Big Stink, and they show every sign of continuing the downward path.

Lord, please pull the chain!