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Ladies and gentlemen here they are, the latest, the greatest, the most hilarious comedy duo since Laurel and Hardy. It’s been a long time since we heard anything this funny, their antics are almost beyond belief. Be careful though, laughing this much can be hazardous to your health!

Ok, enough from me, I’ll hand you over to the latest pair of buffoons…Attenborough & Dawkins!!!

Can you believe that they are so upset about teaching creationism in schools. Those nasty Christians are really upsetting their plans to deceive the upcoming generation like they have deceived the current one. They don’t want creation taught in science class because it’s a religion…No, they want evolution taught in science class even though it is also a religion. Comical aren’t they. They really deserve a drum roll and a round of applause…The best comedy duo I’ve heard in years. Shame the BBC (biased broadcasting crap) haven’t signed them up for a late night stand up show…If they do, I want my finder’s fee!

There is absolutely NO scientific proof of evolution. You have to ‘believe’ in it by faith! It’s a religion…A false religion. It is NOT science.

I foresee a great future for these guys. Here’s to you, David and Dicky, you absolute prats!