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Found this written on the small piece of paper in the back…

Do not be afraid my daughter, I died that you might have life. That you might have it more abundantly. I died that you might live, and be healed. “By my stripes you are healed.” In my time, not yours. Trust and have faith in me, that I can work through you. Keep in view, the Calvary road. Walk close in my footsteps. Believe in your heart that all things work together for good. Pray without ceasing. Lean on me, and in all things give thanks. In weakness you are made strong, for My strength is made perfect in weakness. Yea! “My strength is sufficient for thee.” Peace, My peace, I give to you. 2Cor 12,9

I am so blessed that my mom was a believer. She knew the same God that I know, and He worked through her, as He sometimes works through me.

To God be the glory.