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My mom died in 1997, I still miss her something rotten. She was 83. In march this year, my dad died, he was 99. I wish there was enough time and space here to tell you about them, but I’m not a sufficiently accomplished writer to do them justice. Just take it from me, that they were the best, the very best mum and dad that anyone could ever have.

As a result of dad’s passing, I’ve been given a few things as mementos. I have some paintings that dad did, and his dressing gown. Of mum, I have a few papers she wrote, and her Bible, but it’s the Bible that has really spoken to me, on opening it I see she has written:

“From everything that would dim thy calling, O Lamb of God, deliver me.”

You have no idea just how pertinent that prayer is to me right now, and it will stay with me until I meet her again in glory.

You might have thought that colouring in your Bible was a modern practice, but I’ve discovered verses coloured red in mom’s Bible. Some underlined, and some bracketed. Reading all these will give me an insight into mom’s walk with the Lord. What a blessing…

At the very back I found this…
Born again Nov 16 1927 14 + 16 years old. (I presume mom and dad gave their lives to the Lord at the same time.) Gladtidings Mission, Eaton Place, Liverpool.

Baptised in water September 22 1928 at Cleveland Hall Birkenhead. Rev Kayes.

A (I presume she means baptised in the) Holy Spirit Nov 29 1929. Salem Tabernacle (AOG) Rev H Carter. Mom never spoke in tongues, but she had other gifts.

Iris (my sister) Born again Feb 3 1959 aged 8 years at Bethshan Tabernacle.

Colin (me) Born again Nov 22 1959 aged 12 years at Bethshan Tabernacle. I remember it as though it were yesterday. I was baptised in water a year later, you can read about it on the about me page of my web site:

They joined Elim church in Dec 1966. Rev E. J. Thomas. Iris later married Carson Thomas, his son. They are still happily married.

There are some papers in the back, but they are for another time.

“Father, for the gift of my mom and dad, I thank you.”

To God be the glory.