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Was just reading an article about some new drug that has hit the scene. I don’t know if that means that the ‘older’ ones have fallen out of use, though I guess not. It seems that the kids of today can’t enjoy themselves without chemical help. Both alcohol and nicotine are chemicals, we sometimes forget that; and both are very destructive in the long run. Whatever else these bozos take/inject beggars belief; seems like anything will do so long as it gives ’em a high. Even if that high is short-lived and leaves them feeling worse than they did before.

The vermin who sell this stuff must spend a lot of time searching for new junk to sell, and the prats who use it just buy whatever is on offer, regardless of the gamble they take every time they swallow/inject it. It’s pathetic!

I’ll stick with Jesus. He never eats away at my liver, or clogs my lungs with tar. In fact, He never abuses any part of my body or my mind.

You can keep your chemicals…Jesus is my fix.