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All the atheists out there are instantly screaming YES! I don’t blame them. The way Satan has set this world up, anyone who runs counter to his norm must, by his definition, be a fruitcake.

Take an example: homosexuality. Now accepted as perfectly normal, even though, biologically, it is certainly not. Homosexuality leads to extinction of the species, which can never be ‘normal.’ A prime example of how Satan has indoctrinated the world to function in direct opposition to God’s way. In other words, the world does exactly the opposite to God. Bible scholars will instantly recognise this, but the unbelievers won’t.

Take another example: the world says, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Which, of course, they often don’t! The Bible says, “When you believe, then you will see.” Which is exactly what happens. Opposites. Christians look ‘wrong’ because they walk in the opposite direction to everyone else. Literally, like Salmon swimming up-stream.

Take another example: Satan has put it about that all roads lead to God. You can be any religion you like, or just a ‘good’ person. Though by who’s standard you judge good from, is not stipulated. Contrast that with the Bible, which states unequivocally that, Narrow is the way that leads to God, and few are those who find it, but broad is the way that leads to death and thousands walk it. (My paraphrase).

If you take that example as an analogy, you can very easily see that the Christians are walking the narrow way, and everyone else is on the broad road leading to death.

The Bible is God’s instruction book to mankind, to show the way to Him. Ignore it at your peril.

So, in answer to my original question. No. Christians are not fruit cakes. They are people who have believed, and then seen God’s truth, and as a result, they are strong enough to face the ridicule they get for living their lives in a way that is opposite to Satan’s trap. The goal, eternal life with others of like mind, and a Saviour Who is worth the effort. The down side, abuse from Satan’s thousands who walk the other way. The prize, a great, and fulfilling life now, and eternal life in heaven after.

So I ask you, who are the real fruit cakes?