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I’ve started writing again. In a previous post you’ll read about my self publishing adventures…Great fun. Well, all this concentrating on writing sharpens the mind, and my mind needs plenty of sharpening, or so my grammar checker keeps telling me!

I was wondering why ‘it’ is offended by words like: headmaster, or fireman? What is it about gender that is so disgusting to my software that it keeps underlining things in green and suggesting stuff like: woman instead of lady. Why are we so terrified of the ‘lady’ at the head of the table that we have to say chairperson? The words wife and husband are out in favour of spouse. Really, do we have to put up with this de-gendering of our language?

God made them male and female, and ever since, the devil has been trying to confuse gender. I’ve just been reading about infant schools where gender is forbidden. There are parents in America who are bringing up their children genderless so as not to confuse the little darlings. Surely this is child abuse.

Seems to me that the propensity for those in power to invent stupid things is growing. We are not only sinking into depravity, but stupidity as well.