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It will not have escaped your notice that the news is full of phone hacking scandals…Yet again! Seems that that bastion of morality and integrity, The News Of The World, is at it again, or rather, have been caught, at it again.

A private investigator was commissioned to hack into the phones of murder victims and their families; even altering the voice mails in one case. To add to the mix, there are allegations of police officers being paid to divulge information about such crimes, in order to ‘spice’ up the news as reported by the said bastion of morality and integrity.

Begs the question, do we really need this scumbag paper and its staff? Wouldn’t we, the ever paying taxpayers be better off morally, spiritually and financially if it were to disappear? Who needs the gutter press? Who needs bent coppers? It should be law that bent coppers receive double the sentence when they commit crimes. Just my opinion.

So you see. We are surrounded by sin and corruption. Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where such things don’t exist? Let me introduce you to Heaven.