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Some years ago I had this yen to write…If you knew me you’d see the funny side of that! Any way, this yen got worse to the point where I decided to sit down and actually write something. I figured I’d have a go, it would be crap, or worse! It would then be out of my system and done with.

Well, I was wrong. It wasn’t crap and I got the bug…Bad! For the next three years I wrote like something demented. The stuff just flowed, it was exciting. Nine novels, thirty short stories and a dozen children’s stories. I did eventually stop and had several years ‘off’, but would you believe it, it’s come back again!

The difference this time is I’ve discovered LuLu.com. A site for those of us who won’t get a look in with a publisher or literary agent. I now have three books in print and intend to have a lot more!

This post is to encourage those of you out there who, like me, are novice writers. You can be in print quickly and cheaply. I’ve done it, you can too.

Titles available:

The Devil And Demons Explained. – Christian doctrine book.

Colin’s Shorts. – A selection of thirty short stories. Very varied mix.

The Jacko Stories. – 10 stories for kids of all ages. Meet Jacko, Crocky and Pidgy.

Please take a look at my online book shop, there’s more info there.