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Today’s Guardian leads with the news that an anti-abortion charity, Life, has been invited by the government to join a new advisory forum on sexual health. The charity, which opposes abortion in all circumstances and favours abstinence-based sex education, will join the new forum while the pro-choice British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), which was a member of the forum’s predecessor, the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV, has not been invited.

YES!!!!! Finally we see some common sense from the government.

Explaining the inclusion of Life and the exclusion of BPAS, a Department of Health Spokesperson pointed to the need for “balance” on a panel which will include other pro-choice groups: “To provide balance, it is important that a wide range of interests and views are represented on the forum.

This is a no brainer…But then, this is a humanist article, so what do you expect.

It’s an interesting thought, that humanists fight so hard to be able to slaughter humans!