I was curious to see how Camping would wriggle out of his latest folly, and here it is…The World will now end on October 21st!

Camping took to his show on his network Family Radio to reveal the simple truth: the Apocalypse was imminent, he’d just got it out by five months.

So now the world is going to end – really and truly this time – on 21 October.

Camping was disarmingly honest about the impact that the world’s inconvenient continuance had had on him. He had predicted that 200 million Christians would rise to heaven by 6pm on Saturday followed by the destruction of the Earth in a massive fireball.

Enough of this rot…And where does he get 200 million from? That number is mentioned in the Bible, but it has nothing to do with those who are going to heaven. Quite the opposite in fact!

It will be interesting to see if he has any followers for the next charade. Though it is America, so he probably will.