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I wonder what would have happened if the government had not bailed out the banks.

What if they had not given away billions of our money to rescue the gamblers who managed to lose their shirts in reckless double-dealing.

Wouldn’t it be better now if we were not having to pay back our own money that was used to keep alive the very scum bags who have made billions by ripping us off. We are paying twice for this privilege. And government blunders on, and on…And on!

Would we really be in a pickle if Lloyds bank no longer existed? Or the Royal Bank of Scotland. Would our lives have come crashing down around us without these devious deceitful institutions?

I guess government tax revenues come before us humble tax payers. There must be a reason why the government bent over backwards to rescue them, it is self-evident that it was not for the good of the tax payer. Someone somewhere must have made some dosh out of this…Our dosh, and we didn’t have a say in the matter. They call this democracy. I call it dictatorship. We may have several parties to choose from, but government always ends up being a dictator.

I just wonder, what if they hadn’t done it.