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In America, atheists are planing a post rapture party, and I don’t blame them.

It seems that in every walk of life you find fruit cakes, and Harold Camping is one of ours. Over the centuries, there have been several idiots like Camping who proclaim “The end of the world.” They have always been wrong, and Camping will soon be proven to be just another of them. Just like he was in 1994 when he pulled the same stunt.

What amazes me is that these crackpots manage to gather followers. Why is it that we humans seem to have some predilection to following mad men? History is replete with it, and it always comes to grief. In a few hours, Camping and his deluded followers will be scratching their heads wondering where it all went wrong. I can answer that for them. It went wrong when a mere man went against the word of God and proclaimed a date for this momentous event, when clearly, the Bible says, “No man knows the day or hour…” Every time we humans wander away from the Bible, we get into trouble. That’s why our world is in the mess it is in!

So, how will Camping wriggle out of this one? He will, cos he’s done it before. No doubt he’ll come up with some new hair brained idea and sell it to the few who cling to his every word. Pathetic!

As for the atheists. Enjoy your party, you are entitled to it. Let’s face it, you guys need some joy in your lives, and you may as well have it now, cos there won’t be any later.

As for the truth of God’s word, it stands as it always does. One day, there will be a ‘rapture’ of the church. There will be a second coming of Jesus Christ to planet Earth. All will be just as the Bible says it will be. Idiots like Camping are just a blip along the way.