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Just had a leaflet through the door urging me to vote no. They could have saved the paper, nothing on God’s earth could make me vote for such a complicated, convoluted system that is obviously designed to con the voters.

That, however, is not the only reason I’m voting no. The other? Well, the Lib Dems want it, so it has to be bad. I don’t trust them, and I don’t want them having ANY say in the running of this country. If Cameron had any sense of honour towards the voters of this country, he would have gone with the mandate given him, and not sold his soul to the Lib Dems. In doing that, he betrayed us all…And for what? Power. Power hungry men never make good leaders. He could have gone with what we had given him and worked hard to form policies that would be acceptable to the nation, but no, he had to go for majority, so that he could do whatever he wanted. Shame on you Cameron, you betrayer.

If proof were needed for this, just look at what he is attacking. The very foundations of our nation. The age-old rocks on which we stand. You can smell Clegg in this, the pong of the subversive. Our nation has survived the centuries by standing on the foundations of: Christianity, a solid monarchy, and a house of Lords to keep the wayward government in check. They are doing everything they can to destroy these precious foundations, and to what end? We can only guess. Heaven help us if they succeed.

For Lib Dems, read lying demons, for that is what they approximate. Labour, on the other hand are just liars, whilst the Conservatives are con men. Nice choice we have isn’t it!

Let us defeat these scoundrels and thwart their plans by voting for one man, one vote.