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The gay lobby in its various forms wants us to believe that homosexuality is normal. They are hell-bent on getting this message into our schools so that kids can be indoctrinated with it. “Get them while they are young,” was Adolph’s mantra…

So, is it normal? Well, let’s look at what nature regards as normal. We have men and women, with me so far? Now men and women have a purpose, you guessed it, procreation. Sex was designed for procreation (as well as fun!)

So, let’s take all the homosexual men and put them on an island somewhere, and take all the homosexual women and put them on another island somewhere, and let’s see how normal they really are.

What do you think…100 years and no more homosexuals. Does that sound like normal society to you?

Hey guys and gals, looks like nature has selected you for extinction!