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Stigmas have had a rough time over the last few decades. The intellectual idiots who have a say in these matters have seen to it that virtually all stigmas have been removed…And they are proud of it!

Take sex outside of marriage for example. When I was a kid, anyone having sex before marriage was looked on with shame and disgust, and rightly so. The good people of this nation had a much higher moral standing than we do today. Through de-stigmatisation, all and sundry are now fornicating like the proverbial rabbits. The result:

  • Highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.
  • VD is at epidemic levels.
  • Abortion is in the order of 200,000 a year.
  • The family is in decline.
  • Kids are missing out on having a ‘proper’ upbringing with a mum and a dad.

All this, (and probably much more) is down to idiotic government people working to de-stigmatise it.

Another hot potato right now is sexual orientation. There was a time in this nation when everyday folk regarded homosexuality as a vile and filthy perversion. It was looked on as disgusting, which it is! So much so that you could go to jail for it. So, along come the de-stigmatisers and set to work on it. The result:

  • We are now ruled by homosexuals.
  • Homosexuals have been deified, elevated to super status.
  • Want to adopt a child…Be a pervert.
  • Want to get that job…Be a pervert.
  • Want to march down the street with impunity from the police…Be a pervert.

The irony is, it has come full circle. Now I’m the one who is stigmatised for taking a stand against this madness. And if I mention that I’m a Christian, well, that’s it, I’m the lowest of the low. It seems that, being straight, is not regarded as orientation. Only the ‘bent’ ones have these privileges.

There is, praise the Lord, one final bastion of stigma left. One sexual orientation that is still looked upon with disgust and loathing. Yes, it’s pedophilia. No-one has any problem with me calling pedophiles perverts. I won’t be arrested and charged with hate crimes, in fact, I’ll get a round of applause for standing up and saying it. No-one wants one of these people living in their street, and will protest if one should be discovered hiding there. Angry scenes will ensue and be plastered all over the media.

How long do you think it will be before the intellectual idiots start the think that these are poor, downtrodden, misunderstood people who have human rights jut like the rest of us, and we really shouldn’t discriminate against them just because of their sexual orientation? Perish the thought we all say, but that is exactly what we all said 40 years ago when they started to de-stigmatise homosexuality. IT WILL COME. The stupidity of political correctness demands that it come. The weakness and ineptitude of government makes it inevitable that it will come. It’s already on the way in Europe.

In de-stigmatising these things, we have opened the door to moral decline. The state of depravity we now accept as normal is beyond belief, and the only direction our leaders are interested in is down.