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Well, according to John Humphreys it is. John is a well know authority on the subject as we all know!!! Yeah, right. Well, this morning, on the today program, February 1st 11, he boldly made that statement and added to it from his storehouse of knowledge that, “anybody who denied it was an idiot.”

Well John, I’ve got news for you, you are the idiot. You see, it is impossible to use the word evolution without the word believe being in the same sentence. Evolution is not a fact, it is a fantasy with zero proof, and only sketchy evidence. You can only believe in evolution, you can not prove it. That brings it into the purview of religion, much like Atheism. At least I have a hand written eyewitness account to back up my beliefs. All you’ve got are the fantastic theories of men who don’t have a clue, but like to guess…A lot!

May I suggest that in future, you stick to things you actually know about, and refrain from calling people idiots on the radio.