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This is homosexuality in action…

A disabled man who sexually abused two fellow cerebral palsy sufferers was jailed for three years yesterday after a landmark case at the Old Bailey.

Christopher Killick, 47, exploited his vulnerable victims thinking they would not be able to make a formal complaint. The men require round-the-clock care, are wheelchair-bound and have difficulty communicating. But Killick was convicted thanks to the use of special equipment in court allowing them to give evidence.

Killick, who is now wheelchair-bound, was convicted of an unnatural sexual act and sexual assault. He was cleared of raping a third victim.

Sodomy is an unnatural sexual act, whether by rape or consent.

Judge Peter Rook QC told him: ‘During the trial we had the benefit of hearing evidence from both men who notwithstanding their huge communication difficulties gave evidence about what you did to them. ‘That might not have happened, the giving of this evidence, even half a generation ago.’

The judge told how Killick threatened to kill his first victim if he ever revealed the attack, which took place in 1992. At that time Killick was able to walk, with a limp.

‘You took advantage of his condition to rape him. You forced yourself upon him for your own sexual gratification. ‘No doubt you were relying on his profound disability to ensure what you did to him would never come to light. ‘It is clear that as a result of your actions he has endured years of suffering.’

Killick sexually assaulted the second victim in 2005 while acting as a stand-in carer in the absence of his personal assistant.

The judge added: ‘What you did was a betrayal of friendship. In my view these offences are so serious that only a prison sentence can be justified. ‘I accept that you yourself are vulnerable. You will be vulnerable in prison. ‘But I cannot overlook the fact that you took advantage of a highly vulnerable man and threatened him. He subjected these men to appalling acts of sexual violence when he knew their disabilities meant they were unable to stop him. He is a very dangerous and manipulative man.

This is yet more proof that homosexuality is unnatural, and that homosexuals are not the poor put upon creatures they would have us believe they are. Hopefully, this further revealing of their true colours will cause someone in authority to wake up and reverse the current steps towards stupidity that our last few governments have taken.