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This is what homosexuals are really like. I’m glad they are starting to reveal their true colours.

Homosexual couples have besieged a Christian-run guesthouse with bookings for double rooms, seemingly in a bid to destroy the business.

It follows last week’s high profile court ruling ordering Peter and Hazelmary Bull to pay £3,600 in damages to a homosexual couple who sued because double rooms were restricted to married couples.

Mrs Bull, 66, has also received abusive and menacing phone calls, but she cannot ignore the phone because her 71-year-old husband has been critically ill in hospital.

Add this to my last post re brainwashing children with subliminal images, and a truer picture begins to emerge. These are not down trodden poor unfortunate people. They are scheming, foul-mouthed perverts who have been given an inch and are now trying their damnedest to take a mile. Hopefully, the government will wake up to it before it gets much worse. I for one am not holding my breath.