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News of yet more obscene bonuses for bankers is rife. Seems that after much deliberation, the banks have decided to hand out bonuses that could go into the billions!

The ‘government’ (and I use the word lightly) has asked them ever so nicely not to do it, but the nasty bankers have given them the finger (one in America, two here in the UK) and told them to push-off.

Lloyds (which is my bank) are part owned by the tax payer since we saved their bacon from their insane gambling, which they lost! And now, they are using money which could go towards paying us back, to line the pockets of those who are already stinking rich.

My gripe is this: Just who is it that rules our country, the government, or the bankers? From what I’m seeing, it’s the bankers. Once again, our lilly livered government caves before surmountable odds. It’s only the tax payers, who constantly get clobbered without mercy, without fairness, without consultation. Our so-called government never misses an opportunity to fleece us, but back away from every opportunity to take a stand against those who got us into this mess in the first place.

If Hitler was alive today, he could take over this country by shouting “BOO.”