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So, now we have to pay 20% vat on the things we buy.

“He added that he regarded the increase as ‘permanent’ and it would “increase employment” because it would increase confidence that the government was tackling the budget deficit.”

Only a prat would believe this twaddle. Mr Osbourne obviously believes it, he’s preaching it…

We all know that those with a bit of dosh can ‘get around’ VAT, so it ends up as a direct tax on the rest of us. Trust the ConDems to come up with a plan to rip us off a bit more.

Does anyone remember purchase tax? We should go back to that at 10% and make sure that everybody pays it, no exceptions. With industry and the toffs paying their rightful share, it would do a better job of bringing money in, (we wouldn’t shy away from buying which will certainly happen now,) and be much more fair all round. But then, fair doesn’t come in to politics, neither does integrity.

I honestly do not know why the government is not taxing the banks profits. They are making billions again and keeping it to themselves. If you want my opinion, everything the banks make over one billion in a year should be taxed at 100% until the scumbags have paid back everything they’ve cost us…With interest!