Almost every Christian will have been accused of using Christianity as a crutch. The inference being, “You are so weak, you need to lean on Christianity, rather than be strong like us who don’t need a crutch.”

What a load of crap that is. Let me tell you, everyone leans on a crutch of some kind. Read on.

Some worldly crutches. Anything none Christian.

Booze. We in the UK have one of the worst binge drinking cultures on the planet. Fact! Alcohol kills you. It destroys your liver and yo die. How many people do you think there are in the UK who are leaning on Alcohol because they can’t cope with life without it? Alcohol destroys families. Alcohol destroys lives. Some crutch ‘eh!

Fags. Lots of folk turn to cigarettes for comfort when they need it. Fact! Nicotine is one of the strongest poisons known to man. In it’s raw form, just getting it on your skin will kill you. Lung cancer, smoker’s cough, screwed up appetite, stinking like an ash tray…Some crutch ‘eh!

Sex. Yes, sex is a crutch too. Fact! We have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the world. Our abortion rate is shameful. Did you know that VD in all it’s forms is at epidemic levels. Aids is a plague resulting from promiscuity. People are dying all over the world through casual sex. Relationships break up every day because of casual sex. Very dreadful diseases are passed on to others every day through casual sex. Some crutch ‘eh!

Drugs. Yes, there are idiots out there who turn to drugs to get them through the day. You don’t need me to tell you about heroin and what it does to those who use it. Coke, speed…Whatever it is, it kills you. In a lot of cases, it turns otherwise OK folks into criminals just to feed the habit. Drugs destroy families. Drugs destroy lives. Some crutch ‘eh!

So, in all the above cases, the crutches used are addictive. They all carry the death sentence. They may take your mind of your problems for a short while, but they never take the trouble away, in fact, they all increase trouble hugely. They all have a heavy health price to pay.

So, let’s look at Christianity…Fact! The Holy Spirit is our comforter. He is always there when we need Him. When we are sick, He heals us. When we are lonely, He sets us in families (churches to you!) When the money won’t cover the bills, He provides in answer to our prayers. God loves us so much, that He gave His only Son for us. He cares for us. He changes our priorities in life so that casual sex, alcohol, smoking and the like drop away, leaving us much more healthy. He removes stress. Does any of this sound bad to you? Does any of this sound life threatening? On the contrary, Christianity is the only crutch that gives life, both now and forever more.

It takes more strength than you know to take a stand for Jesus Christ. Sure, we lean on God, but He is our Father, so is that so unusual? The benefits far outweigh the ridicule. Jesus said, “Blessed are you when men mock you for my name’s sake.” So, mock away you alcoholics. Mock away you drug takers. Mock away you fornicators. Mock away, you atheists who have nothing. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.