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In the last few years, we’ve seen how Labour has sunk into ever-increasing depths of depravity. Yet, the two leaders before the current one claimed some sort of Christianity.

Blaire Claimed (and still does) to be a Christian, though when weighed against scripture, he fails lamentably. He took this country to war for no good reason when the Bible says, “Love your enemy.” He converted to Roman Catholicism which no true Christian would ever do. Like Adam, he must have listened to his wife and caved in! His Faith Foundation has been set up to teach youngsters to disbelieve the Bible, especially in the area of perversion. Christian he is not…Unless he repents of course.

Brown comes from a religious family, though that obviously doesn’t mean much when you look at the man and his disastrous effect on our country. Anyone with an ounce of discernment can see in his face that all those allegations of anger, violence, bullying and foul language are true. Not very Christian like when you think about it, and the Bible does say, “By their fruits you will know them.” The fruit of Brown is all to evident. Unequal laws of so-called equality, promotion of perversion to the exclusion of almost everything that is good. Telling lies, we should have known from his days as chancellor what a liar he is. Smiles whilst doing it too. I could go on, but you get the picture, a godless man in Labour leadership.

Miliband is just another step along the way. “Edward Miliband, the newly elected leader of Britain’s Labour Party, has indicated his intention of continuing the anti-family and anti-life policies established for the party under former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, reports Hilary White, LifeSiteNews.com” No surprise there then. Take his personal life, he is shacked up with a woman he isn’t married to and has kids by her. This man wants to be the leader of this country and he can’t even commit to the mother of his illegitimate children. Yes, illegitimate! Sounds horrid doesn’t it, but not as bad as bastard. This is a man who has saddled his kids with these terms, and he wants to be our leader. The man makes no claims to religion, well, atheism is a religion isn’t it! One can only wonder in horror at what he would do to this nation were he to gain the office of prime minister. “Please dear Lord, don’t let it happen.”

So, there you have it. Godless leaders of the Labour party, and they show no sign of changing. One day, this country will know righteous government, but it won’t come from any of the parties we have now.