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Interesting question this. It came to me when I was reading a funny email. I get some sent regularly to brighten my day.

Well, this mail mentioned the name Damien. Why would anyone want to call their son demon, I asked myself? May as well go the whole hog and use diabolos!

This reminded me of something I read recently. The most popular name for newborns this year is Oliver. “Please miss, I want some more!!!” Nice name. The thing is, the poll is wrong. The most popular name for newborns in Britain this year is Mohamed. Obviously, we are not talking about Mohamed Smith here!

So, why the discrepancy? There are 12 ways to spell Mohamed!

I wonder what they would find if they added up all 12 variants?

So, what’s in a name? A warning. We are being out bred and out maneuvered. Taken over, in other words. It’s a silent invasion.