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I lifted this item from Laugh and Lift, (link below).

I was watching a rerun of an episode of Babylon 5 in which it seemed like the entire cause was lost. One of the characters said to another. “We have no hope left.” The other responded, “We have faith.”

“But what hope do we have when all we have is faith?” The cynic asked.

And all the woman said was “Faith manages.”

There is great truth in that statement. When all else fails in life, faith manages. When you are down to your last resource, faith manages. When it seems like your world is falling apart around you, faith manages. When everyone and everything you hold dear is lost or has deserted you, faith manages. In the good times, faith manages. In the hard times, faith manages. In the darkness of night, faith manages. In the desert places, faith manages. On the mountain peak, faith manages. In the valley, faith manages. When every human hope vanishes away, faith manages.

What are you facing today? Fear, depression, weariness, financial problems, marital distress, family problems, physical ailments, emotional distress? It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have faith in God. He said He will never leave you or forsake you. He said He would not allow you to face more than you can bear. He said that He is a ready help in time of trouble. He said that in the world you would have tribulation, but that He had overcome the world.

So, today, no matter what challenges life throws in your path, I’m here today to tell you in no uncertain terms: if all you have is faith, that’s enough because when the darkness falls, FAITH MANAGES!

“Lord, strengthen my faith today. Remind me that there is nothing that will face me today that you and I cannot handle together.”


I was saying, “Amen” all the way through as I read this because I believe in God and have seen Him work in me and through me for many years. I can’t count the prayers I’ve had answered over the years. I live by faith, I trust God for my survival and He has NEVER let me down. NEVER!

So, don’t you feel sorry for atheists who believe in nothing. They put their faith in nothing, and when the darkness falls, all they have is their nothing to turn to. I think atheists are to be pitied more than any other section of society. They have nothing to turn to now, and no hope for the future.


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