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It seems that science has achieved a status just short of divine. Everything scientists say is taken as gospel, and much of it taught in the education system as fact. Even when there is zero proof to support the theory.

It’s as though science has become the new religion, and all must bow at the altar in submissive worship and acceptance. Let’s face it, science has its preachers, and the message is pretty unified.

What a load of hogwash! Science is riddled with failed theories. Science is riddled with mistakes. Science is riddled with fraud and deceit. Science is riddled with stupidity. Sounds like I’m against science doesn’t it. Well, I’m not. Science is the result of God giving man an inquisitive mind.

What I am against is science being deified, to the point where any other explanation of life is ridiculed. Evolution is taught in schools as fact, when clearly, it is an unproven theory. Any honest scientist would accept this. Religion (when taught) is often taught as myth, which again, is an unproven theory. The Bible can not be disproved and evolution can not be proved. From an evidential point of view, no one can say the Bible is riddled with mistakes, lies or deceit. Neither is it riddled with stupidity. It has never been proved to be wrong, especially in it’s scientific facts. Its moral compass is as valuable today as it has ever been, and its accuracy score is 100%, can anyone say that of science?

So, let’s ignore the God stuff and bow humbly before the altar of man’s fallible science. You know it makes sense!