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The last two American presidents have bent over backwards to affirm that America is not at war with Islam. The cowardly actions of every other government to appease the bully proves that they are not at war with Islam either.

To date,     no leader in Islam has stated that they are not at war with the West. Quite the opposite in fact. Many have openly declared war on the rest of us. They have to because their ‘book’ demands that they do.

Right now, Islam cannot win against the West in a military sense, and terrorism won’t do it either. So Islam has another way. Immigration followed by rapid breeding. Islam is actively spreading itself into all the major European countries. Germany will be an Islamic state in twenty years or so. Once they have sufficient numbers, they can use the vote to take over, and they will do just that.

The outcome of this can only be one thing. Civil war. The non islamic world will have to fight for its very existence. Surely everyone must know by now that appeasing the bully is the height of folly. It didn’t work in 1939, and it isn’t working now. The question is, are the non Islamic governments man enough to do something about it before it’s too late?