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“The preserved feathers and scales of a giant fossilised penguin discovered on Peru’s central coast provide a glimpse of Peru’s Eocene period, and how the species evolved from its primitive to modern state, paleontologists say.”

Ever wondered why evolutionists are terrified of creationists? It’s because all the fossils they dig up prove they are wrong. Take the quote above…They dug up a Penguin. Nice. It’s bigger than today’s Penguins. Yep. So how does that help the evolutionists cause? It doesn’t. How does it help the creationists cause? Simple. It’s a Penguin. There were Penguins then. There are Penguins now. They are Penguins. Nothing has evolved. The Bible says that God created animals after their own kind, that includes Penguins. This is another clear case of fossils proving creation, as all fossils do.

It’s also a clear case of idiots desperately clinging to a theory that they can not prove and are terrified to let go of. All the evidence points to God, and they can’t deal with that.